Evidence of Grace

Evidence of Grace

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed in, in the South

Well, it has been a little while since I have written a post. But since today I am stuck inside because of our southern "Blizzard" I guess I will take the time to fill you all in on my life.

Lately I have been overwhelmed with the holiday season, traveling home to see my family and all the hectic events that come with it. Besides that, I haven’t really known whatto blog about. My life has consisted of small things that pile up into a heap of “to do’s” on my list, things such as; changing my residence, switching all my license plate and license to North Carolina, getting things around to take State Boards (which my written happens a week from tomorrow…PRAY FOR ME!) and getting back into the swing of things. Don’t fret though, even with all ofthese things cluttering my desk my brain has been free to think….well almost. :)

I’ve never really liked making New year’s resolutions because I feel as though very few people ever stick to them. I personally believe that they are empty promises to our-selves, and God, that are rarely ever followed any actions. That is why this year I made a resolution to NOT make a resolution. Now that one I can keep! I don’t see the need to make a “resolution” to dosomething, instead we need to just do it and take life a day at a time. I believe goals are good to set however, resolutions are saying, “I AM going to do this” instead of “I’m working TOWARDS this.” That is why I am setting goals. This way I will have something to work towards and can embrace the journey along the way instead of wanting so badly to be at the end of this Journey.

This same theory caries over into our spiritual lives aswell. I find in my own life that many times when I am discontent with where I am in my spiritual walk instead of embracing what God is doing in my life, how he is shaping and molding me, or teaching me patience, I begin to yearn for the future. I begin to yearn for the end of my journey. I close my eyes and heart to what God’s plan for me is, now in this very day, very minute.

This year I have decided to embrace where I am in my journey, in life, in love, in friendships, and in my spiritual walk. This journey is where God has me. This journey is my own. This journey is my destination.

Here are just a few pictures of how we do it here in the South when there is a "Blizzard" and a couple differences between the North and South!

One. Instead of a snow mobile or even a 4-wheeler southerners use a tractor!

Two. When southerners hear about a few "flurries" the shelves in the canned food isle's at the Local Harris Teeter are BARE!

Three. The one time it does snow in the south, regardless of the fact that they are ecstatic to go outside, it takes 3 hours to get outside because no one knows where to find the proper attire for snow playing.

Four. They care more about what they look like while sledding than how cold it is out.

Five. Only in the south do you find facebook blown up with pictures of every flake of snow that has fallen from the ground.

Six. In the north, at the crack of dawn with the first sign of snow, we hit the roads to find an empty parking lot for doing donuts, in the south, there wont even be a single set of tracks on the road until after 11 am.

Seven. In the south, Rain boots are also considered snow boots.

Eight. In the south if it snows in the morning, no worries it will all melt by dinner time.

Nine. In the north when we come home to a foot of snow we have an hour school delay the next morning, in the south when there is a dusting of snow, they cancel school for a week.

Ten. There is nothing more amazing than seeing the smile on a little southern girls face when she sees snow beginning to fall, up north, when the children sign snow you'd thing you just grounded them for life.

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  1. Number 4 is hysterical. I remember when we first moved to Michigan, we went to an outdoor band festival in October. I thought I was properly dressed - I was not. The women in front of me were covered in quilts and blankets and I couldn't believe they'd go out like that.

    I've been here five years now and believe me, I'm all about the quilt look!

    For a bit of perspective, though, I can only remember two other times in the 35 years I lived in Atlanta that the city received that much snow.