Evidence of Grace

Evidence of Grace

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Complete Control.

SO I realized I haven't written in a while...not because I don't enjoy writing rather because I work way too much! But God is good and he is moving in my life.

God has differently been making some huge changes in my life and opening my eyes to things that I would of never thought possible...

When I think back to my life in High school I think of how unimportant God was to me. Of course I went to church and was involved in ever missions, youth, and leadership thing possible, but I did not rely on God to get through my day to day life. Now, as I am nearing my 20th year on this earth I have realized just how important he is to me. You see, for me it was never this huge life changing experience that made me choose God over the world. I have always been a "good" kid. But it was purely putting God First, before the world that was the hardest. I always tried to put God and the world in the same box, all the while, in scripture, it has been made very clear that if anyone is a part of the world they are NOT a part of God.

The other day I heard the lady I work for state it so perfectly. Her son came to her saying he needed a Bible because he couldn't find his and it had been over a week, she said "how did you do that? That is like starving your soul....that is like telling your body it can't have food for a week...it just doesn't work" it made me realize how right she was, it really doesn't work, my bad days are not a coincidence, it is a DIRECT connection to the time I spend with God. I know that there are days I feel like I am going to snap, but instead of letting the devil get a grasp on my situation, I let God take control of my situation. I let him calm me, control me, and comfort me. I choose to allow God to help me rise above it!

I am so grateful to God for his comfort and the small things he does to get me through each day. In what way are YOU thankful? How have you let Him take control of hard time in your life?

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  1. Hi Kenna,

    Could you elaborate on exactly how you put God first?

    Does putting God first eliminate bad days or simply make them easier to cope with?

    KarenM in NC