Evidence of Grace

Evidence of Grace

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forever Friends

Recently I have realized what amazing friends I had growing up, especially in High-school, when my world seemed to be caving in (and now I see that it wasn't) God had me surrounded with the most amazing friends ever. They never gave up on me or on our friendships.

These past two years I have seen many people fade in and out of my life. This being because I have lived in 2 different homes, in two totally different area's of Charlotte, I have started and finished school and gone through 4 jobs, and found MANY new friends. But I haven't really found many of those amazing friends that are the ones that will stick with me through thick and thin. For a while I thought that there was something wrong with me for the longest time and wondered why I couldn't find those constant friends. But in crying out to God begging Him for true friends He has not only brought along a handful or amazing individuals but He has also, for the first time, brought to my attention just how blessed I was in High-school. I had the most amazing friends who followed hard after God and were true to me no matter how awful I was.

God has given me some really close friends that I get to work with. one girl I went to school with, my wonderful Hope who we have been through it all together Thick and veryyy THIN! I am so thankful for her because I can truly say that if it weren't for her I would not of stuck it out and be in North Carolina today ....and especially my roommate who I love beyond words and seriously couldn't live without! Along with my new friends here God has brought me closer to people from home that I was never close with before, and more than anyone my brother and I have become best friends and if you knew us when we were younger you would see how amazing this is! :)

So today, think about the friends in your life...tell them how much they mean to you! Remember how lucky you are to have them in your life!

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  1. Hey Kenz, you are loved and missed here! <3 I enjoy reading your blog. Hope to talk to you soon. xoxo