Evidence of Grace

Evidence of Grace

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trust and Obey, for there is no other way

I know it has been a while since I have written but that is only because life has been crazy. I mean let's face it, when isn't it?

So many things have been going on and God is moving and working in ways that merely 6 months ago I would of never even thought possible.

Right now I sit writing to you in the cozy house of my amazing boss! Him and his wife were out for an Operator's Meeting and will probably be home shortly. I have done dinner, read books, changed diapers, painted nails, quoted scripture, said prayers, given kisses, and even done my abb work out. So I thought I would sit down to share with you where God is taking me.

My whole life I have always struggled with believing that God is in control. Sure we are told that, we even say it to others, and ourselves. But to truly live everyday in faith and know without a doubt that God is in control is easier said than done. I have always had so many plans for my life and so many different things I've wanted to do, and although I am ashamed to say this I have never had enough faith to just step out and do them. For instance I have always wanted to go on a missions trip over seas, but have been too scared that when the time came I wouldn't have raised enough money, my job would hold me back, or something like that. So I have never done it. But this summer I have been given the opportunity to go to Germany, I prayed about it and I think I am going to take it! I can't wait and I know that God WILL provide. He has complete control of this situation

Another thing that has been going on in my life is that I am trying to transition from my Jobs now to the next without totally giving up the two ones I have now... wow I even confuse myself sometimes, so if you followed that you can see how hard that might be. But just today the very salon I really want to be in called and said that even though they usually don't make exceptions they would be willing to meet with me tomorrow and talk about my availability. I am stoaked and nourvious all at once! Of course, God has control of this situation too.

A huge blessing in my life is that this coming up saturday I am leaving for a week long resort and criuse with the two families I work for and the family I live with and even in that God is reminding me that He is not only meeting all of my needs but so many of my wants too. He knows my hearts desire.

Lately, through all of this, I have been reminded of the verse in the bible that tells us to look at the Birds and see how God's had is on them, how much more is his hand on us? On me? Who is made in his likeness, who he loves more than any other creation?

I am learning to let go, trust God, and not only say with my mouth that I believe that but live it out every day of my life. I know that he will provide for me in ways I can never fathom if I will be faithful, obedient, and trust that he is bigger than ANY situation I may face. This makes me think of the Hymn Trust and Obey...So tonight as I fall asleep I will hum that song into my dreams and hold onto that promise, that if I only trust and obey I will be Happy in Jesus!


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